August 26, 2022
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Installing the air conditioner has become very common. The simple reason for this is that the harmful sun rays and hot weather conditions spoil the working and living environment. People start to feel uneasy and sometimes the situation is such that they start suffering from some kind of health problem or the other due to unfavourable weather conditions. So to protect themselves and avoid facing problems people opt for AC installation in Wollongong in their commercial and residential spaces so that they can relax and enjoy the cool environment. They find it easy to work in a cool and peaceful environment. Not only that it also increases their performance and productivity level.

Now the biggest problem that they face is at the time of paying the electric bills. They fail to understand what is the reason for this. If you are also noticing an increase in your electric bill amount every month then there is a high chance that you are using the room cooling appliance for long hours.

Important Things That You Need to Do


  • The new air conditioners should take a minimum of 15 or 20 minutes to cool a 100 to 150 sq ft room before switching it off. This will also depend on the outside weather so there is no need to panic if the ac is running for five or ten minutes more. But if it is taking much longer then you need to check whether it is properly installed or not. For the inspection, you should hire the expert installers of a reputed company that specialises in offering the best service like AC installation in Illawarra.
  • The next thing that you can do is check whether the thermostat setting is correct or not. By carefully adjusting the device so that it regulates the temperature automatically you can easily reduce the running time of your air cooling appliance.
  • If your ac is old and you haven’t cleaned it for a long duration of time, then this might also be a cause that you have to keep it on for a long time until the room temperature gets cool. It has been seen that the dirty components restrict the proper flow of cool air and it also pollutes the environment. So it is better to get it cleaned without wasting any more time.

The other issues due to which you might be keeping your ac on for a longer duration are damaged air filters, broken components, wrong size of AC installation in Illawarra, etc. To keep your air cooling in the best possible condition and increase its longevity, scheduling a regular repair and maintenance service is the best thing to do.

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