Illawarra Air Conditioning Repairs

As a homeowner based in the Wollongong, Illawarra, Nowra & South Coast regions, you understand how important it is to keep your home’s AC unit running in top shape. When you need emergency air conditioning repairs our service technicians go out of their way to care for your AC System as if it were their own.

When your air conditioner breaks down, it can be a sweaty proposition, Airserve Air Conditioning has the skills and experience needed to get your Air Conditioning System up and running again as quickly as possible.

We can take care of a variety of repairs, including:

  • Circuit board replacements
  • Refrigerant leak repairs
  • Capacitor replacements
  • Evaporator coil replacements
  • AC compressor repairs
  • And many more repairs and replacements

We’ll start by troubleshooting your system to locate the source of your problem. You’ll know exactly what we recommend to fix your system and receive an estimate on the repairs before we begin. Call 0412 901 533 today to schedule AC repairs in the Illawarra area.


Airserve Air Conditioning can help you lower your cooling and heating bills with our Split system and Ducted system Maintenance Procedures. Regular Maintenance is important to ensure that your system is running efficiently and will save you the costly inconvenience of repairs down the track. Dirty coils and filters as well as low refrigerant pressure can cause your Air conditioning system to work extra hard and consume more energy than necessary and could eventually shorten equipment life.

Air Conditioning system Maintenance includes:

  • Check and clean filters
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check & clean condenser & evaporator coils
  • Check electrical wiring
  • Check indoor unit drain
  • Check for correct system temperatures

///  We Ensure the Longevity of Your Unit

Maintain Your AC Unit