Split System Air Conditioning Installation Wollongong, Illawarra, Nowra & the South Coast

A split-system air conditioner is a refrigerant air conditioner that comes in two separate parts: the outdoor unit that has a compressor and a condenser and the indoor unit that has an evaporator. The outdoor condenser and compressor unit dissipates hot air from inside, and the evaporator is part of the indoor unit that helps blow cool air inside.

Why Invest in a Split System?

Split systems stand out for their relatively low initial purchase price. Installation for a split-system air conditioner is also cost-effective and can be done in less than a day. However, due to the unit being fairly small, it is best suited for cooling and heating one or two rooms. It is not practical to have one of these units in each room of your home to keep it cool.

Optimal for Small Spaces

These systems are an efficient option if you only need to cool a small area of your home. Otherwise, consider a ducted system. These kinds of systems will easily heat or cool an entire home. Whatever your choice may be, Airserve Air Conditioning is ready to provide you with a professional installation so that you get the most effective performance from your unit.

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