May 18, 2022
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Ducted air conditioning systems are commonplace in both homes, offices as well as shops. But the installation of the same is different to that of the general aircon systems. So, today we will be discussing how technicians set up the former. That way, if you are in Wollongong and planning to install the same or want to get some ideas before you invest in it, you have arrived at the right destination.

Now let us delve into the ways how the installation is done by the technicians.

1) Inspection

The first thing that the technicians carrying out ducted air conditioning installation in Wollongong will do is inspect the roof cavity of your property. This will enable them to develop the set-up plan that is where they will place the indoor unit, ducts, outdoor unit, etc. However, while developing the plan, they will consult with you so that the installation turns out to be perfect.

2) Making a Ceiling Hole

The installers will cut a ceiling hole so that the return air grille can be placed. After that, they will disassemble the indoor unit into 3 parts so that it fits into the cavity that was just prepared.

The three parts that constitute the air conditioning system are the air mixing plenum which allows fresh air inside the rooms, the fan deck and the coil unit.

These parts should fit easily inside the cavity. So, the technicians will need to make the ceiling hole perfect, after taking the dimensions of the system.

3) Affixing the Air Conditioning System on the Roof

The technicians carrying out ducted air conditioning maintenance in Wollongong apart from performing installations will attach the system to the roof so that it stays firm.

They will keep the unit suspended to reduce vibrations. Then, after it is secured, the installers will install the safety tray that picks up the discharge fluids.

Next, the safety tray and condensate drain are installed through the roof gutter.

4) Placing of the Outdoor Unit

Now, the technicians will place the outdoor unit in the right place.

They will reach the position and then install the outdoor unit with the indoor unit with the refrigeration pipes and electrical interconnect that exits from the former.

After that, a switchboard is placed that connects the outdoor unit.

5) Diffusers are Fitted

The professionals performing ducted air con installation and maintenance in Wollongong will now fit the diffusers after cutting holes in the ceiling.

The diffusers need to be evenly spaced so that cool air can flow throughout the room. So, before cutting holes, the technicians take the measurements.

6) Laying of the Air Ducts

Now, the technicians will lay the air ducts and connect them with the branches which connect back to the plenum.

Following the same, the installers connect the return air ducts from the indoor unit to the air box.

This completes the installation process.

7) Setting Up Control Cables

The Wollongong air conditioning system installers will now set up the cables and zone motors that connect the indoor units.

Lastly, they will test everything and switch on the system.

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