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How regularly I must have my air conditioning serviced by professional?

The servicing of the air conditioning depends on the place where it has been installed. For example, in cases of the residential installation where the system is used the least, servicing once in a year is going to keep the system functional.

For the commercial places, at least twice a year servicing is going to make the system function at its optimum level. For the places where the air conditioning system is quite crucial like in the case of the server rooms, we suggest to have the servicing done at least thrice a year to keep the system function at the optimum level.

If you want to have it done by the professionals, then taking a note of the environmental condition will play the pivotal role. If there is a high level of pollution in the atmosphere, then the frequency of servicing per annum should be increased owing to the usage.

What will happen if I do not get my air conditioning system serviced?

Your air conditioning system needs proper maintenance and servicing. If the system is not serviced properly and at right time, the efficiency is going to degrade. Apart from this, it can stress on the compressor and the other mechanical parts of the system leading to ultimate machine failure.

Does your company provide site survey?

Yes, we provide a detailed site survey before getting the air conditioning system installed at your place. We consider this to be an essential part of our work because improper placement of the system is surely not going to cool the room and will only consume energy adding to your electricity bill.

Why is my air conditioning system leaking?

There can be several reasons that are responsible for your air conditioning system to leak. The case might be of the condensate dripping not in the drip tray. Other possible reason can be a crack or a hole in the pipe through which the water drips.

If you think you can spot the reason of water leakage on your own then you are wrong. The right kind of professionals is going to get the things right for you. It is therefore necessary to get in contact with the professionals to get the faults sorted out as early as possible.

How often should I get my air filter cleaned?

Well, there is no general period after which you must get your air filter cleaned. In some of the air conditioning system there is a light that flashes out indicating that the system needs to have the air filters cleaned. However, the cleaning of the air filters also depends on the environment where it has been placed. A dusty rugged environment will attract frequent cleaning so as to ensure proper functioning.

Why do we need to change the filters often?

Experts recommend changing the filter frequently to make sure that the heating and cooling system works at its peak level. With frequent cleaning, it is possible to minimise spread of dust particles, allergens, germs in the indoor air. Air Serve Air Conditioning can help you out by appointing the technicians who can clean your filters regularly and can suggest you for the replacement schedule.

Apart from changing the filters what are other maintenances to perform?

No doubt, professional maintenance is necessary, but few things you should do on your own to let the AC run on an optimal condition.

  • Keep the outdoor unit free from weeds, debris and clutter. Or else it can reduce the airflow.
  • It is better to keep your pets away from the system.
  • Cover the unit, if the system is close to the trimmers during the weed trimming process. If weed enters in the system, it can damage the coil.

What’s the best temperature to set for the thermostat?

The temperature depends on the personal preference as well as the place you’re living in. Whereas most homeowners maintain the average temperature is set between 75 to 80 degree in the summers, it is 68 to 72 degree in the winters. The difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature determines your energy bill. Lower the difference, lesser the energy bills.

Why shouldn’t you turn off the AC thermostat before leaving home?

You may think of saving your energy bill by turning off the AC, but in actually, it doesn’t happen. Simply increase the temperature! Cooling or setting a comfortable temperature can take a massive drain on your utilities. It will later take more energy to set a comfortable room temperature if you turn off the unit.

When is it the time to repair your air conditioner system?

If the air conditioning unit does not seem working like the way it used to be, it is required to find a reliable testing and repairing soon. Well, depending on the how much repairing your existing system take, you can either go for repair or replacement by keeping the financial and reliability factors in mind.

What should I install at my house-ducted or split system?

The type of the air conditioning system that is to be installed depends on what type of cooling you need. If you have the least access to the other part of the house, then split system will work the best. The ducted system works well in case you need a uniform cooling throughout the house.

Why choose a ducted system?

Ducted air conditioning set the ultimate climate for indoors. The major benefits that you get from such heating/cooling model are-

  • Whole home climate solution throughout the year
  • Easy to control temperature
  • Less noisy option than other heating/cooling unit
  • Up to 6 separate zones give the flexibility in heating and cooling
  • Even air distribution
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a broad range based on heating and cooling capacity

When to choose the split systems?
Split System is an excellent way to air condition the single rooms or open space within your budget. The major benefits are as follows-

  • It’s a cost-effective to buy and install system.
  • The system is flexible enough to add air conditioning to the additional rooms later.
  • The system is easy to control with remote, and you can set different temperatures for different rooms.

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